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ֱ߲ America, Inc. and Kintone Corporation Strengthen Partnership with Launch of Plug-in Marketplace

ֱ߲ America February 07, 2022

ֱ߲ America, Inc. (hereinafter ֱ߲ America) has launched the (hereinafter referred to as "Plug-in Marketplace") as part of their joint efforts with Kintone Corporation (hereinafter Kintone) to provide rich product information, free trials, and plug-in purchasing opportunities perfect for all Kintone cloud service users and customers of ֱ߲ America.

Kintone is a cloud-based business application development platform that enables everyoneeven non-developersto easily create business apps in no time. The Plug-in Marketplace gives Kintone users the ability to extend the functionality of their platform by providing customizable applications to fit any business need.

In addition to Kintone plug-ins, ֱ߲ America will introduce via the Plug-in Marketplace a variety of additional solutions for multiple cloud services, including communications management applications.

For more information about the Plug-in Marketplace, please click here.

Features of the Plug-in Marketplace:

1. Search for plug-ins by name, subject, purpose or issue you need help with

The Plug-in Marketplace makes it easy to search for the best plug-in solution to fit your task

2. A single step from trial to purchase

You can use plug-ins and linked services on a trial basis and purchase them directly on Marketplace

3. Reliable support in English and Japanese

Customer Support is available in both English and Japanese every step of the wayC from introduction to purchasing and beyond.

About Kintone

is a customizable digital workplace platform that lets you manage your data, tasks, and communication in one central place.
Over 23,000 customers use Kintones no-code platform with more than 1.5 million database and workflow applications custom built for their businesses.
Kintone is provided by ., a Tokyo-based public company founded in 1997. For more information, please visit .

About ֱ߲ America, Inc.

ֱ߲ America, Inc., established in 1989 as a subsidiary of ֱ߲ C a Fortune Global 300 company with 100+ offices worldwide, offers cutting-edge digital transformation services to their clients all throughout North and South America.
For over 30 years, ֱ߲ America, Inc. has been known throughout the western hemisphere for their reputation as being one of the most dependable ICT solutions providers to their clients. ֱ߲ America, Inc. has eight offices throughout the United StatesC including New Yok, Los Angeles, Chicago and Plano, TX.

In recent years, in order to truly realize optimal digital transformation results for our clients, ֱ߲ America, Inc. has been strengthening not only our existing ICT solutions, but also growing our consulting and construction services in the application field, as well as being a source for major corporations integrating leading IoT solutions.
Through all these efforts, ֱ߲ America, Inc. continues to do the utmost to support the challenges of our customers and meet their evolving needs throughout various industries.
For media inquiries, please email marketing@kddia.com

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