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5 essential points to consider when your team is working remotely

To ensure whether your team is collaborating efficiently, take a look at the next considerations, so you can have an idea of your current status and how they can be improved.

Modern Remote Work Force


Do you have all the necessary equipment for remote work in place ?
These include:

  • Laptops/Desktop computers/Tablets for everyone
  • Phones (Smartphones/VOIP Phones) and Headsets
  • Camera and microphone functions for video conferences
  • Wireless Hotspot and Internet Access
  • Printers and Scanners


In a successful modern workforce environment, software is one of the most important elements.
You must consider:

  • Whether you have the necessary licenses for your whole team.
  • Is your OS up to date.
  • To update your collaboration apps like Microsoft teams, Google, Webex, skype for business, softphone clients etc.
  • Secure Access through a Cloud based Security Solution or a VPN Client, whichever is your preferred Wireless Hotspot

And Others (including Kitting/Setup)

Depending on your current situation and needs, we can consult and assist you for enabling Secure Connections, Training and providing Remote IT Support.

Furthermore, we can provide you with our Kitting/Setup services which ranges in a wide variety starting from basic OS/Language settings, Labelling, and extending to Installation of your required Applications (security, collaboration apps, etc.), and Data Transfer to equip your workforce.

Our Service Capabilities

Among our service capabilities in providing telecommunication services, we can also help in providing a complete suite of solutions accommodating all above needs when Working From Home.

Please contact us here for more details.

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