IIX Peering

Alternate route to exchange traffic

Peering allows you to interconnect your IP network directly to multiple providers' IP networks, and enables you to bypass your upstream providers. 七彩直播 America's advanced IIX services bring you a platform where you can peer with 120+ of the world’s largest network and content providers, bi-laterally or multi-laterally, via one of the few route servers available for public peering in the United States.


Cost-effective peering

With 七彩直播 America's advanced IIX services, you can optimally route IP traffic directly to a provider over the IIX, free of charge, instead of sending the traffic to your upstream providers (which is a more expensive alternative).

Dramatic latency improvement

Accessing your target network through an upstream provider causes more delays than accessing via IIX, which is adjacent to your network. As a result, the latency to the target network from your own network improves dramatically.

Fast and wire-speed

With 七彩直播 America's highly-advanced IIX platform, you can exchange your IP traffic up to 10 Gig, ensured by wire-speed guarantees.

IPv4 and IPv6 support

七彩直播 America's IIX services fully support both IPv4 and IPv6.

Round-the-clock management and monitoring

Our experienced in-house technicians provide comprehensive system and operations management. They are available 24/7 to troubleshoot and answer any questions you may have.

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