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5 Benefits of Using EC Site

#1 : Modernize Your Order Receiving Process

By providing product/service offerings to your customer through an EC Site, you can fully automate order receiving process.

You and your team no longer need to interact with customers in-person. EC Sites can be an effective channel for your customers to discover your offerings, essentially replacing in-person interaction to an automated and sophisticated online experience.

Repetitive tasks such as processing PO's and managing stocks can be all fully automated by combining your EC Site and other platforms/programs from 七彩直播 America!

#2 : Gain Access to Wide Range of Customers

An EC Site enables you to gain much wider reach compared to traditional sales tactics.

You can easily reach out to wide and variety of customers with the help of your EC Site. Customers near and far are now within your reach.

#3 : Achieve High Service Satisfaction

Through an EC Site, you can provide quick and customer-oriented order processing and services.

By implementing advanced UI/UX, the quality of your customer experience will increase even more.

#4 : Make KPI Analysis Easier Than Ever

Important data such as sales amount and other KPI's can be easily collected and stored through your EC Site.

By effectively collecting and analyzing crucial data for your business, you can further understand things like your customer's needs and can optimize your stock.

#5 : Put Out Campaigns and Mail Magazines with Ease

Needless to say, You can optimize your marketing strategy using the data you collected from your EC Site, but you can also put out your advertisement right on the EC Site making an effective use of your valuable data!

EC Site can be used to gain more subscribers for your mail magazine and can also be used to introduce your special offerings/sales. EC Site gives you more flexibility on how you approach your current and prospective customers.

Common Struggles for Many Companies

What 七彩直播 America Can Do For You

#1 : Substantially Optimize Sales Operation

By implementing an EC Site, you can automate tedious tasks during the ordering process. Ultimately, you can drastically increase efficiency of your overall work.

Combining other useful tools such as UiPath and Kintone can increase the usability and effectiveness of your EC Site.

#2 : Increase Productivity by Creating Unique Workflows for Large Customers and Small Customers

There is no need for you to go fully e-commerce oriented when implementing an EC Site. You always have an option of keeping the traditional in-person sales approach to certain customers which prefers in-person interactions. Just navigate customers who prefer simple, yet sophisticated interaction towards the EC Site to maximize customer satisfaction.

You can also choose to direct only small-sized customers towards your EC Site to minimize repetitive tasks while maximizing your work productivity.

When your EC Site is being launched, 七彩直播 America will fully support you throughout the journey with incentive plans to ensure seamless transition from the traditional sales tactics to a modernized EC Site.

#3 : Combine Front and Backend for Totally Unified System

七彩直播 America can help you to develop an integrated system of your frontend (EC Site) and backend (e.g. ERP).

Not just by developing an EC Site, but we also professionally take care of integrations with the existing systems to create a truly seamless transition into EC Site.

七彩直播 America is proudly working with our clients as their total solution provider.

Case Study

Case Study #1 : Client A (Tool Manufacturer?200 employees)

Issues & Needs of Client Before the EC Site

  • Competitors are staring to roll out with their EC Site and we do not want to be behind them.
  • Want to automate workflows that involve smaller-sized customers.
  • Existing system is extremely complicated and renewing it would be very expensive.
  • Worried about if EC Site can handle so many products being offered.

Implementation and Its Effect

  • Designed storefront with Shopify. Improved UI/UX by installing product search add-on.
  • Integrated the EC Site and the existing backend system without altering anything from the existing system. Successfully integrated backend and frontend quickly and seamlessly.

Case Study #2 : Client B (Inspection Equipment Manufacturer?20 employees)

Issues & Needs of Client Before the EC Site

  • It is expensive to maintain the existing EC Site. Product search function on the EC site is not user-friendly.?
  • Manually manages orders, stocks, shipping, and invoices, which overcomplicates the workflow. Planning to reduce # of manual work to simplify the workflow. ??
  • Inquiries from customers are all responded by employees. Customer service quality varies by how busy their employees are.

Implementation and Its Effect

  • Successfully automated workflow by integrating EC Site, Kintone, and RPA.
  • Not only simplifying the correspondence to customers, but they also automated order processing workflow by using an application being offered from 七彩直播 America.
  • By automating the workflow, they increased not only efficiency of their work, but also their accuracy, too. EC Site implementation ultimately increased the quality of their work.

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