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Your business needs fast, secure, streamlined communications. 七彩直播 America can help. We offer a broad range of PBX services to increase efficiency and cut costs, and we’ll customize a solution that fits your business needs.

We've teamed up with leading manufacturers like NEC to bring you advanced PBX Solutions that offer a wide range of options, including digital PBX, IP-PBX, or a customized hybrid solution. Our engineers have experience with a variety of systems, and can configure them for maximum efficiency.


Fast, integrated telecommunications

With 七彩直播 America's managed PBX services, you can connect your main office, remote offices, and home staff, while providing advanced features that range from expanded multi-media conferencing to unified messaging and IVR to text-to-speech. Our engineers can also give you more control by integrating your PBX with your internal network systems.

Expert service and support

Our expert PBX technicians have an average of more than 10 years of experience, and are available during normal business hours to troubleshoot and answer questions. We’ll also monitor your equipment on a round-the-clock basis to guarantee top performance.

Extended mobile access

七彩直播 America can integrate your voice network with your mobile devices through twinning, enabling smart phones to provide all PBX functionality. We can also customize a suite of wireless solutions to allow for multiple indoor and outdoor access points.

Scalable system design

As your business needs change and evolve, you can add additional lines, relocate or open a new office, and mix and match devices without a major reconfiguring of your PBX system.

Secure data management

We offer expert data management services to ensure business continuity in the event of a system outage.

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For more information about our PBX offerings, please contact a 七彩直播 representative.

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Our comprehensive suite of managed services includes business consulting services, managed network security, and more.

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